This video ends when I get Sprout.

10 апр 2020
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How to get Sprout 101.
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  • no mames ._. Acaso no lo viste Venir? :> ?

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  • Best 19 seconds of my life

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  • Thank goodness I spent only 19 seconds for that

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  • It took me a year

  • Wow i love he cuts lets kik -

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  • Colt be like CHEATER

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  • I got an discount on sprout and it's something n at 220 gem😵.

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  • I got a 15-second non-skippable ad for a 19-second video. Really, RSworld?

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  • Why would u troll me like that I thought u would legit get sprout from first box

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  • I this deserves a *BRUH*

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  • with videos like this, anyone can be "youtuber"

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  • Rip my brain: 0:05 - 0:08

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  • Que mono sprout

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  • I get Sprout today lol

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  • This is a very long video.

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  • U such a troll

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  • Am brawl qtard sprout

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  • U chided u bat sprout

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  • That was very unexpected

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  • Best 19 seconds of my live

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  • This is awesome so much great content keep up the great short videos

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  • What is the man

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  • Хахаххахаха это донат а я его выбил с 1 бокса

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  • I have sprout!

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  • That's fast

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  • Watch kairos videos is way much better than just buying the brawler with no luvk

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  • This is too easy

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  • А выбить слабо

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  • the dislikes are people who are jealous :)

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  • Spoiled just spoiled bro ( unless u r adult lol)

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  • Donald Trump: I wish theres is more robots like this in the world

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  • # brawl Stars

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  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  • Me: this is going to be a long time : *quickly buys sprout* Me also: Ok

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  • Wait, did I play with you?

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  • "faster than 8-bit."

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  • Can you believe that I got Sprout in a normal box yesterday but I still don’t have Mortis, Tara and Sandy??!

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  • 0:01 el primo bailado

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  • You get sprout în 19 second and me get sprout în 1day

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  • I get sprout in the first box

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    • i don't have a single mythic brawler :(

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  • lol

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    • ☠️AGENT 794☠️ i got sprout and nani from a big box 😎

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  • I saw how long tje video was and then i saw you buying the brawler...

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  • sprout: makes wall Trump: how much is this robot?

    Laughy !Laughy !Пре 11 месеци
    • @Meatloaf Man not any more XD

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  • What happened to your “if every brawler had Carl pose” and videos like that? Your channel isn’t as good.

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    • Supercell colystrikes him whenever he makes a video like that

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